Well don’t worry about

rushing copies of your TTfs to me ….
The crossover plugin had facilities to crack open .exe files, so I got most of the important ones, and now web browsing is muchly asthetically pleasing experience again. The crossover plugin is proving to be a tad frustrating though — I had specific need to use what it could give me yesterday – and all I got were these losy nag screens.
It provides a plugin for the macromedia `authorware’ app. -and i needed to use this to access a practice exam for psychology, but the damn nag screens kept blocking what I was trying to read and they would go away.
It sucks that Linux users have to pay fifty bucks for something that is agiven for windows users. And I need to have a stern talking to with the epeople at the psychology dept. because it’s just no good all these useless multi-media thingys — even the people with windows can’t get them to work — something about authorware 6 being buggy.

Just passed by Jeremiah’ssite – poor guy – something happened to his datamachine and site. I thought I was the only one capable of doing that kind of thing.

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