I keep seeing things

out of the corner of my eye – several times today. Once outside during the day – thought it was a bird, but too quick for that. Once in the toilet – not actually in the toilet, but the room designated `toilet’, and once just then outside int the night sky above me.
Am I going crazy?
I always think I’d have a really high ability to stay sane, and this is probably a good sign of craziness. Crazy people often think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them.

I drew a self-portrait of how I’m feelinng at the momo. I know ti doesn’t look good – that is – my situation must not be any good if the picture is any indication. It’s probably not that bad. Am having difficulty with gene at the momo.
The challenges of life are always more appealing when I’m not having them.

And this studying for exams bullshit is no fun either. Learning stuff the second time around is stoopid. Makes more sense to learn through practice. I don’t retain any kind of knowledge if I’m not using it.

And I need your true type fonts. Could you send copies of the core microsoft ones to me at yaksox@digitalrice.com ?
After this last coredump I’m having great difficulty getting any of those verdana, arial, courier new … that kind of thing. Or I manage to find one – but that’s no good! I need tthe one that’s in italic etc. I been on whirlpool annd wannting to emphasise words with the Italic, and then I look at what I’ve wrote – and because I don’t have the varied font installed I can’t see it. :^(

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