A wednesday at home

(Wow, it’s hailing outside right now.)

Thrilling stuff — wed. at home – but believe me it’s been a while — and my absolute favorite radio shoe is on wed – 11-1pm –Rude Mechanical on 3PBS. Unfortunately Dave Thrussell must be o.s. again, so DJ2 is hosting – he’s pretty cool too.

So far am spending another day mucking around gettin things reset. All fonts in Opera are looking crappy — last time this happened I fisked it somehow, but cannot remember.
Got my first copy of pc world sent through the mail yeaterday, and there was actually something neat on the CD for Linux — called the Crossover plugin by a bunch of people calledCodeWeavers. It’s only an evaluation copy with nags – currently not sure if it’s time limited. In the program they say 30days, but I think it’s up to you to uninstall it.
So what it does is enable the viewing of apple quicktime and .WMP files from in Linux — which is a great idea. It costs approx. 50 bucks australian for the full version. Apparently there are starving programmers in Minnesota…

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