Everybody’s talking about Mozilla

So I guess I might as well too. It’s actually pretty good. One of those things that if I was forced to use it all the time, I’d fairly quickly figured how to use it all at all the nuances et cetera. It’s a biggin’ like Internet Explorer, but more standards compliant, and more politically correct! ;^)
There’s even some sort of bloggen tool, which i d/loaded, but can’t find right at the moment. I can’t figure out the tabbed browsing set up yet …. oh actually i can — but “here in lies the rub” — as configurable as Moz is, I can’t make it behave exactly as Opera does, so this therefore equals arse-pain. how fussy is that?

It has tabbed browsing but you got to right click on a link to get the new window pop up in a tab, and it has `mouse gesture’ but you got to click one-right + move mouse + click once-left …. geez! How does that help the lazy browsing gentleman??? Odd as it may sound – I can’t tell if the fonts are anti-aliased. I think they are.
I really like to use Mozilla more, really I would – it seems like the proper thing to do … but Opera is so comfortable … ooo yeah.

So it’s great to be in the position of immense browser wealth – I got Moz 1.0, I got Konqueror 3 and I got Opera 6. It’s pretty sweet, variety and diversity are Vunderbah! Yuh!

Oh – and probably the best way to get yer links is – esteemed collegue, phony, did a little write up at Core, here.

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