What’s the opposite of…

“beggars can’t be choosers”? Choice is power …?
Whatever it is – right now Red Hat are letting me down. Some of the core packages – bind and a few other things stemming from that had holes in them 9which in itself is a bit of a let down, but no one’s perfect, eh?) — but you see – right now i’m in my month of access to their `up2date’ servers/service – This comes as part of the package that I payed Forty Bucks for.

i go to `up2date’ this evening and it tells me that right now their servers are getting hammmered because of all the people updating, and that *they are prioritising their subscribers*. What am I? Chopped liver? to quote Monty Burns, `You made a powerful enemy today my friend’.
I may take a closer look at what SuSE offers in the way of updates, after sale support … or then again … maybe I’ll save for a CD R/RW – and have a go of Gentoo…

My thumbnail smells like chocolate – I haven’t had any since last night.
I saw theee longest, biggest car sticker today, it was something like, “I’d like to see how well you’d drive with that phone stuck up your ass”, – two lines in red across the back window of a big station wagon. I just love it (NOT) how australians are adopting “americanized” spelling…

Actually – you gotta expect it from bumperstickers, but when lecturers at uni are doing it too – well, then it’s time to call SPELLER-MAN!

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