When did it all go wrong?

Have been pondering Micheal Jackson a little lately. There’s been a doco series on the abc called ‘Walk On By’ – and did an ep on pop. There was shots of the Jackson 5 and it reminded me of how funky some of their songs are. I didn’t realise Motown was an actual record label, i just thought it was slang for Detroit.

So popped by the local library and there was a disc of the “J5” so borrowed it – a compilation – and most of it was a bit sugary for my tastes, but I’d be interested to find out if those first few singles were on an album, and hearing the album.
`I want you back’, is great, so is `ABC 123′, but i already had that one on LP. Love the bass work. But seeing them on telly – amazing the energy level – all that jumping around, and little Micheal with almost an enlightened look about him. I dunno how old he was back then, but it’s odd to hear such a young kid singin’ songs about girls like that.
Had he started with the knife-work by thriller – that video clip? That’s my guess. Maybe it’s just an addictive thing, like tattoos and some people…

Had some bummer delivered today – only got a credit for the communication studs Phantom Menace assignment. Due to small and dumb mistakes – I didn’t reference properly. At least it’s easy to correct stoopid mistakes, as opposed to intelligent mistakes. Regardless of the mark I’ll stick it – because I think it would’ve done well but for the refs. Apparently a fair few other people made the same mistake – i don’t know if that makes me feel any better.

The question was something like, `analyse a text – do genre, narrative, discourse, gender, power relations,’ – all that kind of stuff. …. Uh – actually it’ll have to wait til hols. it’s in .doc format and there’s a whole bunch of footnotes that need to be reformatted.

My menu came back – that file in /tmp must’ve been one that gets reconstructed each time at boot up. But with all the mucking around – one of the other things i tried was removing the on board sound sound configuration – and that didn’t go too well, and now all the sound settings are buggered.
Had a bit of a revelation on Monday – the once before mentioned “Veronica-from-riverdale” who’s in my psychology tute, and communication lecture too — who bedazzles me with her symmetry and healthful looks :^P — who i never thought i’d get to talk to as a normal person… Well – during the first week of uni – on the first day – i hitched home, and got a ride off these people…

The young woman sitting in the back said she recognised me from uni and that’s why they stopped to pick me up, Mum was sitting in the front, and son was driving. i didn’t recognise the girl (or maybe i did, but i wasn’t paying her much attention, because the mother was asking me questions, and I didn’t want to seem like a freak by looking at the girl too much – i did vaguely recognise her as being in my psychology tute) — i don’t know what the deal is – it’s like i go into some other reality when I’m conversing with strangers in their cars.
The mother had just been to the chiropractor – had a fucked back. i don’t know – maybe I’ve mentioned it before, but during the summer part of the year like that was — I do remember that I’d been standing out there waiting for a lift for a long time, and that tends to fry the brain. And then halfway home — they were going through to anglesea too – the mother tells me that she’s the mayor of this area – who i’d seen in the paper now and then, and whatever do to some of the voluntary editing work of newsletters I do ’round here. But i end up on the back foot, not wanting to start complaining about politicians or how nothing gets done … I don’t remember exactly – I think she was quizzing me on what “issues were improtant in the community” type things.
They stopped near the shops, and I’m thinking – that’ll do me. It’s another 25min walk home, but for some reason I was really toey to get out of there. They were just going to get some rolls for lunch and then drive me up the hill!

Anyway – on that occasion, I also learned this young woman’s real name. She didn’t seem all that enthused about her studies, and hadn’t decided on a major yet. In subsequent psychology tutes, i didn’t notice her – there were a couple of girls who (I thought) looked like her, but I assumed that she must’ve dropped out.
And sometime in the weeks after – i noticed this Veronica-from-Riverdale and wondered who she was … and what it’d be like to regularly have people staring at you due to your highly attractive appearance. What would that be like?
I thought – there’s no way I’ll find an excuse to talk to this person — and you see, I’d really need a good one, on account that i have a partner, gene, and that this would rule out any amorous-intentioned conversation kick-offs.

But on Monday we were doing these little presentations in psy-tute — and as Veronica-from-Riverdale is doing hers, and I’m sitting there drooling like a retard and whatever, another class member refers to her by name – and it’s the name I learnt in that car ride, and I listened carefully – and indeed – recognised the voice too – they were the same person. Of course I might have worked this out sooner, but for the fact that i didn’t know Veronica-from-Riverdale’s name and little opportunity was given in those classes to find out in an indirect way – also she was very quiet – hardly spoke up the whole semester.
I’m a dip sometimes – I don’t know why I didn’t catch on sooner. I need face-recognition technology inserted into my head.

So that little myth was partly deconstructed. And then today I see her smoking a ciggy, which is something I would’nt have guessed.
Shaky Shakespeare said it – beauty is fleeting etc. etc.

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