It’s another weekola windup

Got an international relations assignment due next monday morn … so another of these weeks dragging myself through the process of getting it all together. It’s liker trying to get a freight train moving. But today went okay – got some reading done. Stayed up way-late last night too, watching the car racing – a bonus that i could concentrate today.
Chewing gum is good. It gets to a point where caffeine won’t do much – but gum keeps blood flowing through the head.

The race (in Milwaukee) was okay. There’s a rumour going that Townsend Bell might get the arse, and Roberto Moreno would get his old ride back. That’d be super-cool.

Kangaroos in backyard last night. Roo poo well evidenced. I wish I had more to say, but that’s life studying. Got a new copy of nexus here, with heaps of inneresting links in it, but they’ll have to wait.

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