taxi driver

was on tv last night – that’s a great movie. Well written script – atypical. There’s a copy of it here – I can’t vouch for its 100% accuracy but I s’pose it’ll do for now. The soundtrack is nicely mood invoking too. Things are just spaced well enough within the film to let the atmosphere waft through. love the young DeNiro – very electric. He plays the confused out of touch … ah I dunno – I can’t think of the exact word for it – that demeanor he projected – which means it was good i reckon – not easily pigeon-holed but very relatable.

I once knew a guy who was kind of like that – he was an evil twin.

Finally got Openoffice working properly (i think) – it’s spellchecking in (UK) english, which is an improvement on freezing up/crashing X last time I tried a spell check. There’s a neat little app. on sourceforge in office/word processing category that downloads all the dictionaries you need – and installs them.
Oh yeah – I almost forgot that when I was deleting the install files of Openoffice – I accidentally wiped out the /tmp directory – so now have nothing in my menu! If the OO curse continues beyond this I might have to think about not using it. Am trying to look at the bright side – I can organise the menu in a way that seems logical to me – no segregation of Kde and Gnome apps etc. Also, there was a lot of junk in there that i never used.

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