yay – the spider’s been around

Spouting has finally been upped in the google rankings. I’ve been patient. From 78th to 4th – not bad for a fairly general word. And yak sox has been too, and even my “other” name is in there somewhere…..

But this basking alone cannot be worthy of a post! No – and I have to say I’m really starting to dig Met4filter (also the M4 link to your right)- it’s such a hotch-potch of stuff that gets posted. Actually yesterday I was looking into syndicating – and getting the live headlines from there to stick down the column down there, but alas – it’s rather technical to arrange and beyond my scope at this time.
M4 started to come into mind when Rusty the head dude at Kuro5hin mentioned how they’d be taking it over – in an april fools day prank.

So – this was there – a link to this huge archive of MP3s of old and wacky poetrypageincluding a piece from one of the ringleaders, Fillippo Tomasso Marinetti, of The Futurists who were a bunch of crazy mostly Italian old geezers in the late 19-teens/early 1920s – who drove cars too fast, refined the art of heckling, slagged history and had walking stick fights on train platforms.
I’d be right in there with starting a “Back to the Futurists” movement, except the future seems to keep rolling in at an alarming rate what with all this new fangled technology and all …. I only just found out that HTML 4.0 isn’t the thing anymore! It’s XHTML! I thought that was just some kind of fad buzz-word thing…. ah well.

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