desire temporarily sated, catastrophe averted

Spent a hair-raising, swear word filled morning messing around inside the machine case. Was trying to get the CPU running at 1gHz – but no luck. I can’t decide if I should blame the Slotek motherboard or the AMD chip …. probably the Motherboard. Last time I buy one of those things based on how cool the name sounds or supposed “nasty” features! Will go with a more recognised brands like … one of those other ones.
Was able to get it up to 1gHz via the manual switches – and even get it to boot into the OS – but it just went all flakey same as last time I tried. I thought raising the voltage would fix it – but no bueno. Anyway, despite all the kernel panic and yak panic, I didn’t do anything rash like blame it on the OS and do a wipe/reinstall as has been the case in the past. Was able to set it all (except the voltage, which i decided could stay at 1.8v instead of the default, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem) back to the defaults and boot back in like nothing had happened.

The problem is that when set to defaults – the mobo is supposed to detect everything properly – but says the front side bus is 100MHz – when it’s actually 133 – thus the whole thing running at 750 instead of 1000. I will have to search around for an answer – I’m sure it can be sorted. i vaguely remember something like this being discussed on Helpscreen.

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