Back from the bewildering wilderness

of the big exam room. I got stuck in there for a couple of days. At least I think it was a couple of days … mighta been weeks. Anyway, now is fun time and i probably would’ve posted before now but for a few factors: DigitalRice seems to be picking some rather inoportune times to blank out on me, and it was raining here last night so the dial-up connection was dropping continually, and I was getting insane because of the crappy beige keyboard so I deleted the lot again.
And there was a good thing about this, because I figured why I couldn’t get a VFAT on the thing – I had to delete the partitions within Linux first. So that’s sorted and now I got woodnose95 back on a little section of the disk, so I can again use the parallel scanner = hauurrah!
Anyway – there’s much a-brewin’, I got a green light on the domain, thanks muchly to gene’s helpness facilities of her credit card — so there should be some transition/exodus type stuff happening tomorrow, or even late tonight. Wow.
That’s all I got right now, much stuff to d/load and reset up. I get bugged when my desktop doesn’t look exactly how I want it.

bothersome modules

I tried to upgrade my kernel yesterday, and the I tried to recompile it and now I’m having trouble getting the USB keyboard to work. As a consequence I am using this terrible pasty grey krapboard right now. It reminds me of those kids “activity play centre” things, but without the colour — all clunky and the sound of the keys is almost comical.
I thought it was worse — I thought the modem module had gone south too – all yesterday I was trying to get online and it kept saying `PPPd has dies, are you sure it’s the right password?’ — and I was thinking yes, of course it’s the right password, and that something had stuffed up on this end. It wasn’t til 6 in the evening that it dawned on me that the three months of TPG ISP had run out – they wouldda auto-renewed it but gene had changed her credit card.
So, this evening I can at least get on here to whinge a bit! Three more days and I’ll have all the time in the world (for 2.5 weeks) to get everything resorted.

They’re stealing my thoughts

… Again!
Just noticed this little website anglesea-online – which is where I live, and the website is kind of nice, (but does that, “best veiwed with” rubbish) and they stole this idea I’ve had of sand.
I was gonna take some photos of sand and do some graphic-stuff with it (you see, I’ve at least been thinking about a site overhaul). Anyway – I still will – and hopeffully I can get it to look a bit brighter than theirs. There’s also a nice picture of Mr.Magpie on the frontpage there.


(I don’t know if that’s how it’s spelt, and I’m too lazy to check. Basically – am having thought-shift)
Yes, so an ideqa happened upon me last night as I was putin on my PJs. Was having second thoughts about the title, `Spouting.’ I mean it’s not a bad title, but let’s face it – most of the time the pressure’s just not there – and theoretically what should spout out comes out as a dribble. Also seems a tad generic now that I see more of the weblog names on
For some reason Lies inc. came into my head. This is the title of oone of Snog’s albums. After some intense chewing over I’m still not sure. To start with – it’s not original, althooug Snog is one of those forces that I loudly and unreservedly say is a big influence on me, but I usually have this thing about thinking things up myself.
To me, the immediate connotations of Lies inc. are dark, but this is because i know it’s connection to the album and lines like, “keep away from me, I’m on my way to the bank” and song titles like `Shop’. Lies aren’t always bad, afterall all fiction stories are lies of a sort This is kind of getting into the philosophy of absolute truth though….

Next possible prob is the actual address. is free, but it could be misunderstood as lie sinc, which seems stoopid but … y’know.
lies-inc is already taken, and lo and behold – it’s got freakin baby pictures on it! And here I was thinking – “But is my mundane weblog worthy of a Hardcore address like that?” I could always go for, whichh is free but it don’t quite work; pretnding to be a corpooration but having an .org address.
It wouldn’t matter what title or address I had – now or then — at some point I’ll get a bit sick of it. If I could change the name of the street I live on, I would’ve by now.
Will think some more.

Oh, and Go Germany! Smite those imperialist yankees!

The Clash Room

The Clash Room had a Slash Room and a spot to stand and smoke but no exercise yard – surely this is a breach of human rights.
I would’ve liked the title of this entry to be “Live From The Clash Room”, but there’s no 3G yet in australia and they would chuck me out if I was caught. I would’ve worn my “Combat Rock” t-shirt to The Clash Room … but I don’t have one.
The Clash Room
Today I had two exams – and they were clashing – so that’s what I’m on about. The exams went okay I suppose. I’m not sure really.
The good part about today was getting my essay back on the EU because I got 80% for it, and Shappy wrote some nice comments. He liked the title, `Stuck in the middle with (E)U’ — and wants to know if I’m going on to do honours. Well maybe, but not in politics. It’d destroy my soul. Anyway – he wrote those things before he’d seen this apalling pile of turds that I left on the pages of the exam today. I really didn’t do much preparation.
And throughout my whole Clash experience there was this girl who was coughing – it was really screwing with my concentration, so halfway through the morning exam, I turns around in my seat and yells, “Hey Coughing Girl! Why didn’t ya buy some fucken anticols!?
I wanted to do that but of course I didn’t.
So that’s it – 2 down, 2 to go.

Wow – K5 is really going it head guy, Rusty announced the other day (in this article) that K5 was going to have to be degraded in some way – gaudy banner ads, or be without a fulltime admin (him) unless some dough was raised somehow.
I was thinking that the target of $70, 000 US was high – even for a site that gets traffic like it does. So you can imagine my surprise when I just clicked throough to see a thermometer type thing with twenty grand already donated. They’re asking people to become members for 4bucks US a month. That’s around the cost of a decent computer magazine for me. If I was a employed person I’d really probably do it.
Personally – I’d really like to see another breakdown of those figures. 140 thousand in my language seems like an awful lot considering that they don’t pay for their bandwidth.

And while I’m typing in a href’s – I just found distrowatchthe other day – which gives you an idea of how many Linux distributions there are – and what they all include etc.

three kookaburras (a good omen)

sitting on a branch of one of the big tree out the back today, their heads slightly tilted toward the deep blue of the sky; that zen “HA HA HA HAHAHAHAH HA”. It sounds jubilant to me – but it freaks all the other sorts of birds. They probably think the kookas are mad. The weather’s been georgous the last couple of days – pretty amazing considering winter’s about to reach the bottom of the clock sometime this week. Not that it’s setting itself up for a fire season either (oh well … who knows – maybe it is) becuase there’s been some days that’ve been bucketing down with rain too. So that’s the weather for ya.

Now onto sports. Little Napoleon wwon again last night at Portland. That’s okay – I s’pose he deserved to win. It was a good race. The icecream van pranged. Jimmy Vasser’s life-long curse continued, and some wheel-changin’ guy probably got fired from Brack’s crew.
The really good news in CART though, is that the head-guy Pook really sounds like he knows what he’s doin’. He’ss told the IRL to go bugger off, and CART’s stickin’ with turbo engines for the next two years – which is far more intelligent that naturally asspirated I reckon.

There’s something really sinister about walking into the kitchen when the only light on is the one inside the oven.


Well, right now at least am feeling a touch better about the exam situation. I don’t feel good about it being one of the only things I’ve got to talk about at the moment, but anyway.
Have been watching a bit of soccer lately. It’s not a bad game. Apart from the “off side” rule (which I don’t really understand) it’s a fairly simple game – much moreso thatn aussie rule – and this is a good thing I think.
Moving to a full domain on paid-for space will be happening, in maybee a week and a half. Digital rice has been fairly good lately but my 5megs is slowly depleting with each post, and I’m sure I’d have put at least a few more pictures on here if not for that space situation. One thing odd about DR is that they changed their front page — and now everytime I click through to it – i get this browser window asking if I want to open the file or save it to disk — save their home page to disk. I’m pretty sure it’s not something wrongly enabled from my browser either – it’s on their end. I’ve never seen it happen before with other websites.

So now it’s kind of just waiting — and rereading stuff until these things happen. For the IR subject Shappy gave us the questions so we could read up and formulate what’s to be written. I kind off wish he hadn’t – so then I would’nt have to read this crap. Note to self: Don’t take anymore politics subjects – it’s all terrible lie-filled crap that they feed. Chompers was right when he said that tertiary education is institutionalised ignorance – particularly so when it comes to “informational” areas like politics.

These exams are gonna be the death of me

I keep thinking of that scene near the beginning of `Spies Like Us’ where Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd are sitting the secret service exam and Chase fakes a heart attack and stumbles around over other peoples desks and sneaks looks at answers. Maybe I should try something like that.
I need some gum. Sitting for any reasonable period trying to read this stuff is putting me to sleep.
And i wonder how the people who mark the things are gonna cope with my hand writing.