the day has no responsibility

– I wish I didn’t. The wind’s blowing in the trees – not warm or cold. Sky is blue with little flutters of well-whipped cream cloud – a sunday with no tourists.
Ah well.
I was re-reading through a piece on weblogs in pc world mag last night – it was saying that the whole point of them is to put links in – i hardly ever do that. Not that I’m giving into pressure or anything – but here’s one:

Gentoo Linux seems to have sprung up out of nowhere. That picture of the cow will also get you there – actually – shoudn”t they be calling it a bull if its name is Larry?? Or am I assuming too much?
The interesting thing about it is that they have a dependency/app-installation engine (called Portage – i think) which seems to be based on the way BSD runs its“ports” system. Thhey also say they’re much into machine-optimisation. Good for them.

I’m sure there’s a way I could install it from one partition to the next – but am rather hesitant to throw the whole thing into jepardy – what with the scool work n’ all.
Would be nice to have a cd burner – but it’s still not no.1 on the wish list, despite the price being $145.
Sounds like Redhat 7.3 `Skipjack’ gets its official release on Tuesday. Wonder how much longer it’ll take to get to the newsagents ’round here. Still nothing like pre-order stuff on Everythinglinux.

The joys of renting

Ug – time goes so slow when doing stuff like cleaning. Got a house inspection on Monday. T’is a bugger to hafta take down all the posters. I was thinking how slavery-inducing and sponenaeity-killing (SPON-Tin-ay-It-eee) mortgages are but how nice it would be to take a sledge to the kitchen wall – just on a whim.
Oddly enough gene was thinking about this too…
and sez that with this job she’s in now, thinks she’s capable of paying a loan on a land purchase. Earning a decent sallary – like over 30k a year still seems like a very grown-up thing to me – and a long way off for me.

So as we near the point of 3 years together it’s almost inevitable that some sort of binding commitments will materialise. house-purchase type-stuff still seems less than having (dare i say it) child/children.

What’s really freaky that when I was reading about feminist stuff for Social Theory I couldn’t stop think about what it’d be like to have a kid – and be a house-dad. Oh boy…. what’s happening to me??
I think it’s a crazy-combo of things — not being close to my own dad, wanting to experince what ever ‘oppression’ mothers/housewives feel — and maybe being in the position of being able to say that I’m not part of the norm — and I did that.

I get the feeling that I will end up doing it. Almost like it’s hardwiredd in. Gene’s way more carreer-oriented than me — it’d make me happy to see her get as far along in that pursuit as she’s able.
Even just a year ago – the thought of kid left me thinking that it’d give me a nervous breakdown, but now I’m not so sure.
I’d still like to get through with uni before that little adventure though.

sewing seeds for world domination

Well, not quite…
But was happy to notice that fellow journalogger, jeremiah newbie of, way over there in canada, has added me to his links list. Sweet!
Also, was able to added a “yak sox” link to the Core wiki, which kinda felt like spamming, but I do intend to put some work into the wiki.
Am feeling a bit ambivelant about this whole putting “more” on the next page thing. I dunno … the front page would spiral out to enormous length if I didn’t.
I could always reduce the number of posts residing on the front page but 12 or 15 feels right.

Via visiting delusional – am reminded of that timeless world dichotomy of hemispheres… reminded of when I’d chat with the americans n’ canadians — and how when I was heading into darkness it’d be getting lighter there — more on the long scale; seasons. I wish it was spring here. Spring is so full of possibilities. Autumn is full in inevitabilty and reality.

Finished of the gob stopper this morning – not that it was in mouth all night – I had to put it down – hahahaha-uuuurrrrkkk! And seemed like a good idea to finish now- before i clean teeth. Oh poor teeth.

Have been thinking a lot about the refugee issue. More from the analytical POV — it’s like this is evidence that the whole economic means of production really is shifting.
As I sit here listening to Black Lung – `Welcome to the wonderful and frightening world of black lung’ it’s weelll evident that culture has gone post-modern — and now I can see how economy and work habits etc are.

There’s a lot of factors and question marks – would like to bail up shappy to see what he has to say – and ask some questions —
The economy in Australia, as well as the rest of the world is definently slower than it wouldda been just after WW2 –

See, I’m thinking that these refugees would have no problem getting entry if there was a need for them in the workforce. The thing is (I’m assuming here) that they wouldn’t be skilled workers. And there just isn’t going to be booms like there was post-WW2 – because there’s not the resources to be expolited any more. back then these people could’ve got jobs at the car manufacturing plant, or the refinery. But the mechinisation and drying up of resources (oil to drill, trees to chop) means that those industries aren’t growing. There’s jobs enough for the decendants of that first post-WW2 wave of workers, but no surplus.

Also – a lot of that kind of industry has moved and set up in parts of asia, where unskilled labour is cheap, ununionised, and plentiful.
But they might get in if they had a 2 year computer or boiler-maker diploma under their belt. The R &D side of things is still here.

Plus there’s the issue that australia is way better unionised than, say the US. There’s the slight physical difference that for illegal immigrants to get into the US they’ve just got to get accross a land border (for mexicans at least) … and the history that america has of using really cheap (read: slave) labour, which I s’pose when you conssider “wetbacks” in some ways never really ended.
I think the US domestic economy would fall on its arse if all the illegal immigrant labour was sweeped up and made to leave the country.

If the unions were smashed here, then employing all these refugees would become a muchh more viable (and sought after by bosses) option.

I dunno … it’s interesting to think about but the conclusions aren’t particularly hilarious.


Got given me a gobstopper that was easily larger than a golfball. I put it in my mouth and couldn’t even swallow. I think I’m too old for that kind of shit — it’s just really hard sugar.
Am really enjoying the IR class at school – alll the other kids in it are really switched on — although they don’t always do their readings.

Feel like I’ve been eating an inordinate amount of crap lately actually.
Having one of those nights on the gnutella-net when I just can’t catch a break either.


Gor maka zeez-zolla la maeeeee!
Ya talk so hip man – ya twistin mah melon man — and so on and so forth.
Happy Mondays rock. They’ve got this sound that could only come from a toasted brain-space, very loose sounding. i neither praise nor poo-poo the fact that they probably had to be out of it to really hit the right spot with their music — it’s just one of those things. Unfortunately it doesn’t make for longevity of carreer, but then again maybe that’s another not good/bad thing too.
>Reminds me of when i used to ride the trains during peak hour a bit drunk — and standing up,, but was floppy enough that I could just stand and not hold onto anything. My legs would take all of the rickety-rak of thetrain movement out of it and the top part of me’d just be standing there like I wasn’t moving at all. (Of course the problem would be when I was actually standing still!)

Got the TEO TW AWKI? assignment back today – distiction – either a 72 or a 77 — I can’t tell. Shappy’s handwriting really is rather `unique’. I wish I knew a bit of graphology.
Anyway considering how I wasn’t even reading the question right until a coouple of days before it was due and only then started writing – I reckon I did pretty well. I was expecting it to be dismal. Despite the mark — there was a lot he had to say about what I couldda done to improve it. Sounded like a lot of the marks were below average.

Was rationing myself with ciggies this morn/mid-day. Went Okay – felt a little tense – but when concentrating on something didn’t notice. Am caught in this place at the moment where a lot of me wants to bite it and give up – but ain’t quite all the way there. Trying to justify waiting til mid-year hols to kick it … but I dunno …

Junqueira won motegi – good for him. Karma got Breck, and vasser-luck got Vasser. I wish Bob Moreno could get a ride. Just not the same without him — or paul page and parker johnstone. Was thinkin that (faniciful thinkin’, mind you) it would be great to have a buddy local who also dug it – and some set up so we could stream live commentary over the net when the races went to air here. Maybe would be hampered by not actually being at the track – and just having to watch it on telly (as I suspect jeremy shaw and dippy-Lee Diffy do) but I think that almost anyone coould do a better job at calling than them.

High rotation

The next round of assignments is approaching – comms one due on the 20th. Gotta analyse a text – am thinking of doing Blade Runner – but unfortunately it’s a pretty well beaten path – stuff on the net about it by the truckload. Am having trouble getting ahold of a copy of it too, which really sucks.
The deakin library is so big – but everything that’s of some value has already been borrowed by some nerd.

Okay – so nigh on 36hrs without a ciggy – how’s it going? Good.

Yesterday was kinda tough. First – I was feeling physically diferent, like I’d grown a third lung during the night. Plus there was the first stage of changing patterns – I’d be doing something here – get to the end and one part of head’d say `cigarette?’ and the other bit would have to reply `no. no more’. And that was all day.
I kind of missed the excuse to go outside. Found it hard to concentrate — didn’t get any home work done. At times was getting this odd feeling like I was too clean on the inside, or that my throat wanted to feel pain. The rather bizarre solution of `eating dirt from backyard’ came up – but I didn’t follow through.

Slept heaps better last night. And geneally feel better. The little voice that asks if it’s time for a cig seems to have gone a bit quieter.
Hitchin’ off to mumma’s this arvo.