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Servers were down yesterday evening, so I couldn’t post.

Hey Hey! Finally the www.pointbreakbackpackers saga has concluded.
Yes …. it’s been a haphazard 5 months or so — lately I’ve learned how to navigate the Melbourne IT website – and figured out how to register and delegate a domain name.
And the netfirms option doesn’t seem too bad either. To bring yers all up to speed that’s a website I put together for a guy I know round here.

Anyway — am soo busy these days that i don’t know if I’ll be continuing my burgeoning career as a web page designer. i mean, I was charging an absolute pittance – I suppose that bit didn’t bother me too much, but maybe from know on I’ll just choose who I do them for, rather than the other way round. kinda like an andy Warhol or something.

Re watched phantom menace last night – am doing it for the comms assignment. I dunno why people are offended by jar jar binks so. He’s not that bad. I reckon if I was a kid I’d think he was ACE!

ah man, i just caved

I couldn’t concentrate on study – and was starting to freak out about all this work I’ve got to do in the next few weeks – and it’s not as if smoking makes my life unmanageable

Damn this is humbling.
I’ll have to regather my troops at mid-semester break.

I’ve given other things up before – and I thought this’d be just the same – a bit of resolve and I’d make it. Damn damn damn.
As mumma said on the phone – I shouldn’t get down on myself if it doesn’t come off first time round.
S’pose all those grand plans of what to do with the surplus money will have to wait.

Smoking cuts life into defined segments for me. This last couple of days has felt non-stop. Going outside and watering the plants wasn’t doing it.

The Man in the Grey Suit

is back. He’s just standing in the doorway looking at me. He does’nt have to say anything because he knows that I know why he’s here.
It because I was laughing at that girls blog (below).
I think the thing is, sometimes I also can be awfully un-concise when saying what I’m saying.
I call this guy, ‘minister from the interior: Critic squad’. After two years of methodical tracking – this guy eventually caught up with poet-yak and pushed him down a flight of stairs.

I’m thinking if I write a piece called ‘How To Write a Blog’, then maybe that’ll appease him.

The Kicking: part one

This morning, feel a bit like there’s jet turbines in my chest and they’re revving up to take-off speed bigtime for the first time in ages, but there’s still chocs ( there has to be a better word than chocs) blocking my wheels.

Think I might have to go for a run around the block later. And a meditate sometime soon is definitely in order. Long night. Sometimes — in that prevoius life as `smokin’ yak’ I’d wake from a dream – and there’d be all these thiings to think about because of it that I’d get and go outside for a cig in the middle of the night.
Really wanted one of them last night. Several dreams – one about giving up, one about these black crabs trynna pincer me and someother one.

Where are Mulder & Scully when you need them? :Part 2

Subtitled – `Lies & line-toeing’
This relates to this earlier post.

This news article appeared in the Geeloong Advertiser last tuesday the 7th of may.

Lab dismisses death theory
Geelong’s Animal Health Laboratory has dismissed a Canadian news-paper story linking the death of one of its microbiologists to 10 mysterious deaths in the United States, England and Russia.
Some of the victims were described by the newspaper as world leaders in “weapons-grade biological plagues”.
Geelong microbiologist Set Van Nguyen, 44, died at the CSIRO’s Animal Health Laboratory last December.
AHL acting director Dr Stephen Prowse, said yesterday the conspiracy theory had abounded on the world wide web since last december, and the author had been sent details of Mr Van Nguyen’s role in the laboratory as a member of a technical support services team, and how he had died.

He said the laboratory had also detailed it’s work in the diagnosis of exotic animal diseases including foot and mouth.
Dr Prowse said the claim being propagated was unsupported by fact, inaccurate, and an absurdity, and the laboratory had responded on the web to all allegations.
He said it had come at a time when Animal Health Laboratory had gone to great lengths to try and treat Mr Set Van Nguyen’s death sensitively from a family and staff viewpoint.

Mr Van Nguyen was found dead in an airlock and police said he died of a lack of oxygen.
The CSIRO said at the time there was insufficient oxygen due to a build up of nitrogen because four ventilation systems had failed.
A report for the coroner is still being prepared, but police said there appeared to be nothing suspicious.
Senior-Sergeant Adrian Benne of Geelong said police were assisting WorkCover in the inquiry becase it was classed as an industrial accident.


Pretty tough luck eh? Four ventilation systems failing at once – what are the odds of that? ….. without a helping hand.

1000 airplanes on the Roof

The other days — finally discovered the CD collection in the civic library. Sure – there’s no aphex twin or boards of canada … but there is some interesting stuff there — and while it’s all way too scratched for me to bother tryning to rip.

The good thing is that there’s a lot of stuff there that is well worth borrowing, stuff which I’d probably never buy. And it might introduce me to some stuff which I wouldn’t take a punt on liking – spending 30-40 bucks on the off chance that it might be my thing.

Like this album by Philip Glass! It’s called 1000 airpanes on the roof, and is somehow connected to some performance of the same name – a play or something. Even while on the way home I was looking at the credits and noticed that Linda Ronstadt did vocals on it – and I’m thinking `oh great – some “ridem cowboy” stuff, let’s hope it’s not too much’ …
And bugger me – I have a listen – and she does etheral `aaaahhh-oooohhh-iiiiiihhhh-aaaahhhh’ type stuff – and it sounds really good. No cowboys in sight.

Fear of the Marketplace

Last Mon. Morn’s psychology lecture was on anorexia nervosa – the whole thing. There was something wrong with it and at the time i couldn’t put my finger what.

It’s always gonna be a pretty in-yer-face kind of topic and there was plenty of video of skeletal looking young women.
It seemed to have a disquieting affect on the whole lot of us. Two guys, one of who I know, got up halfway through and went and got food. It was even making guys aware of how disfunctional their eating habits were. So if it was doing this to guys – then you can guess that almost all of the female students were squirming.

They were too. Veronica-from-Riverdale seemed to be unsettled for the whole day and during tute, wouldn’t really face the front of the class. Then again, maybe it was because she keeps catching me looking at her (coz she’s preety :^p (uh oh – I’m for it now! I know gene reads this -)) Peppermint paddy, who I sit next to was one of the few that wasn’t affected. She just said to me, `It was interesting Chuck – shame I had to get up and go to another lecture halfway through.’ Which is true.
I’m just not sure if we needed to see so much `A Current Affair’ and Oprah style vision about it. Just seemed a bit cheap for higher-education. There was this whole Oprah saga about Tracey Gold – who used to be on that show `Growing Pains’ – which I watched as a yoongster. I s’pose that was a bit of an eye-opener. And it was pretty terrible to realise that the writers of the show were using her as the arse-end of fat jokes.

During the lecture, there only the briefest mention of how the mainstream media contributes to how women (and probably even men now) feel alienated from their own bodies through trying to live up to these freak-of-nature type standards. The lecture guy didn’t even use the term mass-media.
That’s the problem I have with psychology – it takes absolutely no stock of politics. It basically is a science – and thus goes along with the whole bullshit science-mafia and Tradition thing. most of the students studying it are of the straght-outta high-school variety – and a high proportion women. And because they don’t have their sense of self 100% worked out yet — ended up feeling really uneay because they might be dieting or something.
Apparently there’s 1200 students studying 1st year psychology at deakin. i s’pose this is one way of knocking the numbers down. Pretty damn dodgy lecture though if you ask me.

red hat 7.3 kicks off

… but (ug) … more waiting until it’s buyable in australia. May 15th they’re saying. There’s this review which is okay. Also, everythinglinux are taking orders – so I might think about it a bit … and then run on down to the post office and send off my money order POST-HASTE!
The dingbats at pc world email news got their stuff wrong by saying that it shipped with Ximian 1.4. And the dingbats at The Age called Whirlpool a “chatroom”.

Anyway – as of today Spouting joins the aussie weblogs web ring, in an effort to gain more notoriety. Funny how this makes me more conscious of beeng a good spella.

posting from blooey

the g3 this afternoon, and lemme tell ya – there’s still nothing drawing me to this style of machine. It’s probably just that I can’t be buggered going through another whole “getting to know you” phase with hardware or an OS — particularly the os bit.
Probably just the fact that my machine is just in the next room actually – because the G3s at uni seem to go okay – they have towers there, connected to acer monitors. That’s just one room of them – for the arts students – there’s another humungous computer lab with all acers – but walking in there (it’s down in a basement too) makes my hair stand on end – all the electrons ort whatever they are that CRTs shoot.

Anyway – just came on here to try install this stoopid macromedia groupware thing that’s part of the psychology course – but it’s not seemed to have worked. I dunno – this stuck between OS9 and OSX is a messy business.

Watched the original version of the movie `Get Carter’ last night. Pretty grissly – been a while since I seens something like that. It were’nt that bad I s’pose – but just goes to show ya how TV gives a sensored view of ennertainment. Micheal Caine’s pretty cool – great hair. Was made in 1971 – looked more 60s than anything. In Newcastle England. Toward the end there’s these shots of a mine dumping this hideous black coal slurry shit straight into the ocean. Amazing.