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Upon starting up Juggernaut this morning it sounded like someone else had also switched on a floor-polisher – not good. Sometimes the fans inside it sound a little off key to start with but then are okay after a minute or so. Felt I had to whip the side off and have a look this time. Everything seemed okay – no obstructions. But reminded me of this shameful situation I’m in of underclocking my CPU.
That’s right – an athlon 1000MHz travelling at 750MHz.
I feel a bit like captain Archer from last episode – a bit frustrated at such a crappy situation. But getting it sorted means having to take everything out – removing the heatsink from the CPU (no small feat; it’s really wedged on there) then cleaning the conductant-goup off the heatsink (which i don’t have the correct chemical for — maybe I’ll have to ask the nerds at the computer store in Smellmont next time I’m there) – the whacking some Arctic Silver back on there – and sticking it all back together.

Would love to get another stick of Kingston RAM – only $88 this week. And interestingly enough – Soltek in recent ads for their newer motherboards don’t appear to be using the “red storm” overclocking technology – which is understandable – because it’s crap and it doesn’t work and all this would’ve been sorted for me if it’d worked.

I think I missed the point to the story – I need to get the CPU out of there so I can see what its safe operating voltage is – this will enable me to set the switches correctly – thus travel at the cruise speed of 1gHz or above.

Gene did a lovely thing for me and subscribed to PC World mag. -because I’m now talking about it I’ll probably null&void my cosmic-lucky-chance of winning the bonus, which this month is a DV movie-making package (with DV burner, firewire card and software) which sound kinda okay, but of course would require me to be using Woodnose to use its software, plus I don’t have a digital video camera. There are other things more called for right now. [Lasts month’s bonus of an IBM laptop wouldda been pretty choice, and hard to knock back).
They say it’s worth $1150, so I’d sell it – around $700 I reckon and get:
– a domain name and 12 months hosting
– a CD rewriter
– payofff the last of the Juggernaut debt
– and maybe a slightly cheap but reasonable digital camera.
Mmmmm….. purchasing….

Bob the Otter from Dutchland, who does the Pivot programming, has finally added Spouting to the Pivot
front page of people who use it — it’s on a basis of 10 random users showing up when you click through.
Also, he says that the next version of Pivot of very soon coming.

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