This was the excuse for getting an extension for my essay on the EU. But lots of people were getting them anyway. Have been feeling a tad run down by it all. Need a good meditate. Or maybe a hibernate. Still vaguely hear the kookaburras just as am waking – but it’s getting darker out there in the mornings — and this morning there was a kangaroo in the neighbours front yard. The older ones get to know the area and know the routine – it starts to rain a bit and all this new green-ness pops up – and they pop around for a nibble.

Borrowed a fairly neat looking new book from the library today – on web building/programming. Internet & World Wide Web: How to Program by Deitel, Deitel and Nieto.
I know the names sound made up but it looks to be a Linux friendly type of book – and goes from basics right through to Python, XML, ASP etc. Interesting little bit at the start of the PHP chapter it stands for Personal Home Page (tools) – and was invented by a guy called Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 – and it landed him a job at Linuxcare as senior open-source researcher. If you’re a big fan you can visit his page. But don’t believe what it says – the book is right – it was ’94 that he invented it. Anyway – so the book was published in 2000 — and it’s a shame that it’d probably cost a hundred books or more if i actually wanted to buy it.

For posterity’s sake — here’s my currentdesktop.

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