Pills n’ Thrills and Bellyaches

This isn’t what I’ve been up to – but what I purchased today from the music store. EEEEaaazzzeeeeehh! [At this point I should apologise for the recent tendency to use repititions of the same letter as a form of self-expression]
Happy Mondays Rock. And as I sit here I’m a testament to the theory that being able to download a bit of music off of the net increases the amount of dollars spent on music – not kills it.
One thing about Geelong is that it’s terribly impoverished when it comes to even halfway decent rekked shops. One of them had a Happy Mondays best of – which, admittedly did have the long version of `Stayin’ alive’ – but I don’t want a compilation! So I held out – and ye gods smiled on me coz one of the other shops had Ps n’ Ts and B.As – for twenty bucks – so what could I do but treat myself.

And despite feeling a bit zombified by an assignment that went way too late last night, and me having a zit “in action” on my chin — it was indeed a happy monday.

To the euthanasia people – stop bloody whinging and take a leaf from the corporate sweat-shoe book and JUST DO IT!

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