Saying “AAAAAHHHHGGGGHH” doesn’t go far enough

as to how I’m feeling at the moment.
We’ve pinned it down to tonight’s full moon — but my brain isn’t working! This assignment is relatively simple but I can’t do it. Even look at it is like running a mild electric current through my brain. I feel like a lab rat. Must be done by tomorrow morning – and there’s really not that much to do. It’s like looking at a glass of water sitting right on the edge of a table, being asked to push it off but only being allowed to use brain-power.

On the upside, my computer’s running well! Grabbed up a whole bunch of programs and things yesterday. Got some neat themes from, and finally got around to checking out this folding@home distributed computing project. It’s for cancer research, among other things. I joined the Whirlpool team.
And generally, this is the great thing about having all fresh “up 2 date” packages is that i can grab almost anything from the net and it’ll install no probs. Also got webmin up and running last night, so that might be handy for getting the kernel sorted properly.

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