scary stories + more thought on yesterday

There’s a thread of scary stories here on K5. I was reading it last night before bed but it started to give me the heeby-jeebies! So I had to finish reading it this morning, and it’s a long thread so – I didn’t get any homework done today. Uh Oh!

Ah – yeah also the dalai lama managed to get to mention monkeys in his twenty minute speech, which was mainly about world peace. Pretty good goin’ if ya ask me – it’s not easy to work monkeys into a topic like that. Great men; the dalai lama, homer simpson, me (hahaha!) always end up talking about monkeys sooner or later.

Have been thinking about putting a poll function on here. It might happen, it might not.
Have been attempting to recompile the kernel today – not much luck so far though.

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