hangin with H.H the D.L

Spent the day in town at the footy oval where the His Holiness Dalai Lama was doing his gig.
Amazing that after this last week and a half of rain and wintery temps today was completely sunny. In fact, was caught a bit off guard and my braincase is a tad toasted. Good Day though!

There was a morning session, which was an audience of 2000, -pay to get in. HH spoke a little about the basics of buddism – like the four trruths and suffering, and emptiness. I’d kind of heard/read this before, but was good to hear it again because there’s some pretty heavy concepts in there, and definitely I could spend more time reading through that stuff at my own pace, but maybe in a group so that I could ask questions about things that need clarification. HH spoke about it in Tibetan and there was a guy there translating.

Then HH administered the `white tara’ blessing to the audience, which was kind of like a guidded meditation, but which I found a little difficult to get happening due to the crampt grandstand seating and other distractions. Interesting though.

I don’t know – it’s the rituals and traditions and fixed rules in religions that I’m not so ecstatic about — even buddism. For sure the things like a non-violent attitude towards others, and a sense of compassion toward others is very good, but that kind of thing seems like “common sense” to me. I dunno — maybe it’s just my ego not wanting to bend to anymmore rules than it absolutely has to.

Maybe one day I can get around to reading the buddhist scriptures – and keep an attitude of take it or leave it. I’d probably feel more enthusiastic that way.

Anyway – so after that there was a break for an hoour or so – and me n’ gene got sme lunch then there was another bit – which was more secular – just the D.H talking a bit about him, (this bit was free and open to the general public) — and the spiel was mainly aimed toward the hoards of primary and high school kids who’d rocked up. Well, it wasn’t aimed at them — but HH was emphasising that while the 20th Cent. was one of bloodshed etc. the 21st Cent. could be much better and more peaceful and that it “was in the hands of the kids”.
Quite So.
This part was HH speaking in english – and quite an impressive vocab and pronounciation he had too. Some of the impact of hearing him speak was lost when done through an interpreter. Because HH has got an amazing voice, very deep but kind of high, (funnily enough) a lot like Yoda’s!!
At one point he mentioned a convo he’d had with the late queen mum – he’d asked her what she thought of the 20thC – since she’d seen all of it – and she said to him that she thought it was getting a lot better toward the end. But once he stuffed up and said ‘him’ instead of ‘her’ re: the qm. HH realised the boo-boo and had a good laugh then said sorry then had another laugh. It was great! He can be totally serious and totally light-hearted at the same time. And humbleness/humility are a way of life for him, not just concepts.
At 67 y.o. HH struck me as being awfully nimble and sharp-eyed too.
So, as I was just saying to gene – I didn’t have any catacalysmic awakening because of the event, but the Dalai Lama is every bit that the public image of him is – very genuine and very deserving of RESPECT. i saw nothing that proved otherwise (and believe me – that always happens to me at live gigs — sonic youth, ride, primal scream the list is endless). Any downers were my own making – like `I wish we couldda sat a bit closer’ etc.

Was really really cool that he came to Geelong. First regional visit in australia ever. Good on the geelong bureaucrats for not giving in to the unseen business pressure from Chinese cappoes.

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