Well, somehow I managed to get away with not doing my social theory assignment for 3 weeks after it was due.

It must’ve been the look of honest to goodness dumbness on my face yesterday at the lecture when I realised and went over to hoco the tute teach. and said I’d made a terrible mistake. And the Head guy of the subject, “Mr.Jacobs” was there too — and really it’s only fair that if he lecture all semester about questiong everything and how bad “The Bureau” and bureauracracy is then he not act like one.

Anyway, I got til Monday morning to do it. And I think for `reason for extension’, for this one I’ll put `Chronic Idiocy’, to follow up the last one, which was `confusion’.
All pretty smooth – the transition to Red Hat 7.3 – is nice to be using Evolution without Ximian. Also, seperate from the actual distro – I d/loaded Open Office 1.0 yesterday – and am very impressed – he got anti-ailed font! mmm he good now.
There’s some funny little facts that run by durinng the install of this one that weren’t there in 7.2 – I don’t know how much of it is true — they give about *three* different explanations as to how they came up with the name red hat. Then it says “Now would be a great time to –Let’s all got to the kitchen and get some snacks!” haha – will have to find the .PNG they use for that.
KDE is starting up marginally quicker for me – but konqqueror, the file manager really ahs sped upp heaps, and am thinking of having a little experiment and using konqueror the web browser for a full week soon, just to really check it out.

Off to see the Dalai Lama tomorrow – sweet!

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