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complete spoilage
Yes Yes, Please read on if you’ve seen it and want to participate in some meaty disco re: SWAotCs ….

or of course if you just wanna find out what the hell it’s about…
>Here are my comments from whirlpool – I thought I’d just C n’ P them rather than write it all out again — afterall, I do have a freakin’ assignment to write this weekend —

Yes, Portman is kinda cute but her acting was terrible.
I still don’t quite know how to react to Anakin in this one…. It’s weird to be in this position of knowing who he’ll become (Give Us The Bridge, George!).
It’s funny how grand and expansive battle scenes in this and ep.1 are — yet the light saber battle stand well above them. I thought the Yoda V Christopher Lee scene was great too. Would love to get a still or a poster of when Yoda takes up the kung fu stance.
All up it gives a different impression of what jedi are like. Those early scenes where anakin is questioning and speaking out of turn with Obi-Wan just seemed wrong. If I was obi-wan – that kind of thing would’ve sent alarm bells off – “potential psycho with jedi-power here”.
And I would’ve like some kind of explanation as to why some jedi would’ve decided to build a clone army ten years ago. What was with that?? Will it be explained in the next one? Same with the Christopher Lee character. With ep.1 it was kind of justified to have new characters popping up everywhere, but you’d think maybe if they were gonna have a big part in ep.2 then they couldda been sewn into 1.
-Poor Boba Fett, having to see his old man decapitated like that. Can understand why he becomes such a hard arse when he grows up.
-Was funny to see that Water Rats guy popping up straight away in that first scene. But Jack Thompson –oh brother!
-That bit where an akin had his hand stuck because of the stamping thing was odd — They looked like giant cpu chips!

Re: purple light saber.
Samuel L was interviewed on Parkinson a couple of weeks ago. He was telling how some E! type interviewer asked him the stock-standard question of, “is there any director you haven’t worked with who you’d like to?” He used the opportunity and said – Yeah, George Lucas — so that’s how he got the gig.

At one point he just off-handedly asked George if he could have a purple light saber. George thought about it a bit and agreed. Jackson said he knew it’d get the purists in a tizzy.
It worked for me. It’s a Jimi Hedrix/Prince/SL Jackson thang. :^)

>“The story is much to do with Obi-Wans failure as it is about Anakin himself.” [someone else’s comment]

For sure. It’s a reminder of the variables involved with jedi training. The same thing could’ve happened to Luke after the little training he got from Kenobi, and then cutting short his lessons with Yoda.
Even if the romance was a bit dawson’s creekish, there’s still some good symbolism in the movie. They quip about it light-heartedly but Anakin’s continually breaking his sword is a good one — a broken sword symbolises failure. [me replying]

>“and it had a NZ kid in it with a REALLY thick accent.. GOD DAMN!” [someone Else’s comment]

Ah c’mon – that’s just being elitist. What do you want – them all to have american accents? This is globalistaion baby! It’s a good thing to see american, australian and kiwi actors mixing it.
I think some folks had their expectations set a little high.
Has anybody else noticed some of the weird similarities? One of the more noticeable is how the line “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” – has popped up iin in of the movies now, and right at the end — an akin and anakin are standing arm in arm, with back to camera and the droids next to them — and how that’s almost a carbon copy of the end scene in Empirestrikess back – except it’s Luke and Leia looking out a ship window. [me replying]

If you’re interested, the full script of the movie.

So — yes I liked it, and am a tad disappointed with the number of folk on the boards who are shit-canning it.
A comment above was to do with theswordd symbolism – from memory Anakin only broke his once, but almost lost it too. But more interestingly, Obi-Wan’s wasbrokend too – sliced in half at the hilt by Chris Lee. So there’s a doublewhammyi of failure there.
I’d like to sit and ponder the use of the stamping plant imagery a bit more… there most certainly would’ve been a reason that Georgy used that particular setting — but it eludes me at present.
Also on that scene it struck me as interesting how for nearly (also there was the tatooine bit) the first time that padme was dressed very plainly. When she was dumped out of that giant soldering pot she looked like a white mouse.

I’d like to know where they shot those bits of Naboo – by the lake.

I should amend a couple of the above comments too: there were English actors in there as well as australian, kiwi and american. Also — JackThompsonn stood out because of his bad acting – not the fact that he was australian. I’ve seen him try to do anAmericann accent before – somewhere he was a texan general – and he’s just no good at it.
Of course I know there’s always been parallels with “the wild west” drawn – but that scene where he’s saying that the sand people were like animals etc. was just too ponderossa, Bonanza.

Anyway – have been thinking about the movie heaps since I saw it, mainlybecausee I’m doing this comms assignment on ep.1 — but also cause it was a good movie, and would ideally like to go see it again soon – but may wait til I can buy the Vid.

So what do you think????

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