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Servers were down yesterday evening, so I couldn’t post.

Hey Hey! Finally the www.pointbreakbackpackers saga has concluded.
Yes …. it’s been a haphazard 5 months or so — lately I’ve learned how to navigate the Melbourne IT website – and figured out how to register and delegate a domain name.
And the netfirms option doesn’t seem too bad either. To bring yers all up to speed that’s a website I put together for a guy I know round here.

Anyway — am soo busy these days that i don’t know if I’ll be continuing my burgeoning career as a web page designer. i mean, I was charging an absolute pittance – I suppose that bit didn’t bother me too much, but maybe from know on I’ll just choose who I do them for, rather than the other way round. kinda like an andy Warhol or something.

Re watched phantom menace last night – am doing it for the comms assignment. I dunno why people are offended by jar jar binks so. He’s not that bad. I reckon if I was a kid I’d think he was ACE!

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