Where are Mulder & Scully when you need them? :Part 2

Subtitled – `Lies & line-toeing’
This relates to this earlier post.

This news article appeared in the Geeloong Advertiser last tuesday the 7th of may.

Lab dismisses death theory
Geelong’s Animal Health Laboratory has dismissed a Canadian news-paper story linking the death of one of its microbiologists to 10 mysterious deaths in the United States, England and Russia.
Some of the victims were described by the newspaper as world leaders in “weapons-grade biological plagues”.
Geelong microbiologist Set Van Nguyen, 44, died at the CSIRO’s Animal Health Laboratory last December.
AHL acting director Dr Stephen Prowse, said yesterday the conspiracy theory had abounded on the world wide web since last december, and the author had been sent details of Mr Van Nguyen’s role in the laboratory as a member of a technical support services team, and how he had died.

He said the laboratory had also detailed it’s work in the diagnosis of exotic animal diseases including foot and mouth.
Dr Prowse said the claim being propagated was unsupported by fact, inaccurate, and an absurdity, and the laboratory had responded on the web to all allegations.
He said it had come at a time when Animal Health Laboratory had gone to great lengths to try and treat Mr Set Van Nguyen’s death sensitively from a family and staff viewpoint.

Mr Van Nguyen was found dead in an airlock and police said he died of a lack of oxygen.
The CSIRO said at the time there was insufficient oxygen due to a build up of nitrogen because four ventilation systems had failed.
A report for the coroner is still being prepared, but police said there appeared to be nothing suspicious.
Senior-Sergeant Adrian Benne of Geelong said police were assisting WorkCover in the inquiry becase it was classed as an industrial accident.


Pretty tough luck eh? Four ventilation systems failing at once – what are the odds of that? ….. without a helping hand.

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