1000 airplanes on the Roof

The other days — finally discovered the CD collection in the civic library. Sure – there’s no aphex twin or boards of canada … but there is some interesting stuff there — and while it’s all way too scratched for me to bother tryning to rip.

The good thing is that there’s a lot of stuff there that is well worth borrowing, stuff which I’d probably never buy. And it might introduce me to some stuff which I wouldn’t take a punt on liking – spending 30-40 bucks on the off chance that it might be my thing.

Like this album by Philip Glass! It’s called 1000 airpanes on the roof, and is somehow connected to some performance of the same name – a play or something. Even while on the way home I was looking at the credits and noticed that Linda Ronstadt did vocals on it – and I’m thinking `oh great – some “ridem cowboy” stuff, let’s hope it’s not too much’ …
And bugger me – I have a listen – and she does etheral `aaaahhh-oooohhh-iiiiiihhhh-aaaahhhh’ type stuff – and it sounds really good. No cowboys in sight.

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