Fear of the Marketplace

Last Mon. Morn’s psychology lecture was on anorexia nervosa – the whole thing. There was something wrong with it and at the time i couldn’t put my finger what.

It’s always gonna be a pretty in-yer-face kind of topic and there was plenty of video of skeletal looking young women.
It seemed to have a disquieting affect on the whole lot of us. Two guys, one of who I know, got up halfway through and went and got food. It was even making guys aware of how disfunctional their eating habits were. So if it was doing this to guys – then you can guess that almost all of the female students were squirming.

They were too. Veronica-from-Riverdale seemed to be unsettled for the whole day and during tute, wouldn’t really face the front of the class. Then again, maybe it was because she keeps catching me looking at her (coz she’s preety :^p (uh oh – I’m for it now! I know gene reads this -)) Peppermint paddy, who I sit next to was one of the few that wasn’t affected. She just said to me, `It was interesting Chuck – shame I had to get up and go to another lecture halfway through.’ Which is true.
I’m just not sure if we needed to see so much `A Current Affair’ and Oprah style vision about it. Just seemed a bit cheap for higher-education. There was this whole Oprah saga about Tracey Gold – who used to be on that show `Growing Pains’ – which I watched as a yoongster. I s’pose that was a bit of an eye-opener. And it was pretty terrible to realise that the writers of the show were using her as the arse-end of fat jokes.

During the lecture, there only the briefest mention of how the mainstream media contributes to how women (and probably even men now) feel alienated from their own bodies through trying to live up to these freak-of-nature type standards. The lecture guy didn’t even use the term mass-media.
That’s the problem I have with psychology – it takes absolutely no stock of politics. It basically is a science – and thus goes along with the whole bullshit science-mafia and Tradition thing. most of the students studying it are of the straght-outta high-school variety – and a high proportion women. And because they don’t have their sense of self 100% worked out yet — ended up feeling really uneay because they might be dieting or something.
Apparently there’s 1200 students studying 1st year psychology at deakin. i s’pose this is one way of knocking the numbers down. Pretty damn dodgy lecture though if you ask me.

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