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the g3 this afternoon, and lemme tell ya – there’s still nothing drawing me to this style of machine. It’s probably just that I can’t be buggered going through another whole “getting to know you” phase with hardware or an OS — particularly the os bit.
Probably just the fact that my machine is just in the next room actually – because the G3s at uni seem to go okay – they have towers there, connected to acer monitors. That’s just one room of them – for the arts students – there’s another humungous computer lab with all acers – but walking in there (it’s down in a basement too) makes my hair stand on end – all the electrons ort whatever they are that CRTs shoot.

Anyway – just came on here to try install this stoopid macromedia groupware thing that’s part of the psychology course – but it’s not seemed to have worked. I dunno – this stuck between OS9 and OSX is a messy business.

Watched the original version of the movie `Get Carter’ last night. Pretty grissly – been a while since I seens something like that. It were’nt that bad I s’pose – but just goes to show ya how TV gives a sensored view of ennertainment. Micheal Caine’s pretty cool – great hair. Was made in 1971 – looked more 60s than anything. In Newcastle England. Toward the end there’s these shots of a mine dumping this hideous black coal slurry shit straight into the ocean. Amazing.

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