the day has no responsibility

– I wish I didn’t. The wind’s blowing in the trees – not warm or cold. Sky is blue with little flutters of well-whipped cream cloud – a sunday with no tourists.
Ah well.
I was re-reading through a piece on weblogs in pc world mag last night – it was saying that the whole point of them is to put links in – i hardly ever do that. Not that I’m giving into pressure or anything – but here’s one:

Gentoo Linux seems to have sprung up out of nowhere. That picture of the cow will also get you there – actually – shoudn”t they be calling it a bull if its name is Larry?? Or am I assuming too much?
The interesting thing about it is that they have a dependency/app-installation engine (called Portage – i think) which seems to be based on the way BSD runs its“ports” system. Thhey also say they’re much into machine-optimisation. Good for them.

I’m sure there’s a way I could install it from one partition to the next – but am rather hesitant to throw the whole thing into jepardy – what with the scool work n’ all.
Would be nice to have a cd burner – but it’s still not no.1 on the wish list, despite the price being $145.
Sounds like Redhat 7.3 `Skipjack’ gets its official release on Tuesday. Wonder how much longer it’ll take to get to the newsagents ’round here. Still nothing like pre-order stuff on Everythinglinux.

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