The joys of renting

Ug – time goes so slow when doing stuff like cleaning. Got a house inspection on Monday. T’is a bugger to hafta take down all the posters. I was thinking how slavery-inducing and sponenaeity-killing (SPON-Tin-ay-It-eee) mortgages are but how nice it would be to take a sledge to the kitchen wall – just on a whim.
Oddly enough gene was thinking about this too…
and sez that with this job she’s in now, thinks she’s capable of paying a loan on a land purchase. Earning a decent sallary – like over 30k a year still seems like a very grown-up thing to me – and a long way off for me.

So as we near the point of 3 years together it’s almost inevitable that some sort of binding commitments will materialise. house-purchase type-stuff still seems less than having (dare i say it) child/children.

What’s really freaky that when I was reading about feminist stuff for Social Theory I couldn’t stop think about what it’d be like to have a kid – and be a house-dad. Oh boy…. what’s happening to me??
I think it’s a crazy-combo of things — not being close to my own dad, wanting to experince what ever ‘oppression’ mothers/housewives feel — and maybe being in the position of being able to say that I’m not part of the norm — and I did that.

I get the feeling that I will end up doing it. Almost like it’s hardwiredd in. Gene’s way more carreer-oriented than me — it’d make me happy to see her get as far along in that pursuit as she’s able.
Even just a year ago – the thought of kid left me thinking that it’d give me a nervous breakdown, but now I’m not so sure.
I’d still like to get through with uni before that little adventure though.

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