High rotation

The next round of assignments is approaching – comms one due on the 20th. Gotta analyse a text – am thinking of doing Blade Runner – but unfortunately it’s a pretty well beaten path – stuff on the net about it by the truckload. Am having trouble getting ahold of a copy of it too, which really sucks.
The deakin library is so big – but everything that’s of some value has already been borrowed by some nerd.

Okay – so nigh on 36hrs without a ciggy – how’s it going? Good.

Yesterday was kinda tough. First – I was feeling physically diferent, like I’d grown a third lung during the night. Plus there was the first stage of changing patterns – I’d be doing something here – get to the end and one part of head’d say `cigarette?’ and the other bit would have to reply `no. no more’. And that was all day.
I kind of missed the excuse to go outside. Found it hard to concentrate — didn’t get any home work done. At times was getting this odd feeling like I was too clean on the inside, or that my throat wanted to feel pain. The rather bizarre solution of `eating dirt from backyard’ came up – but I didn’t follow through.

Slept heaps better last night. And geneally feel better. The little voice that asks if it’s time for a cig seems to have gone a bit quieter.
Hitchin’ off to mumma’s this arvo.

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