Gor maka zeez-zolla la maeeeee!
Ya talk so hip man – ya twistin mah melon man — and so on and so forth.
Happy Mondays rock. They’ve got this sound that could only come from a toasted brain-space, very loose sounding. i neither praise nor poo-poo the fact that they probably had to be out of it to really hit the right spot with their music — it’s just one of those things. Unfortunately it doesn’t make for longevity of carreer, but then again maybe that’s another not good/bad thing too.
>Reminds me of when i used to ride the trains during peak hour a bit drunk — and standing up,, but was floppy enough that I could just stand and not hold onto anything. My legs would take all of the rickety-rak of thetrain movement out of it and the top part of me’d just be standing there like I wasn’t moving at all. (Of course the problem would be when I was actually standing still!)

Got the TEO TW AWKI? assignment back today – distiction – either a 72 or a 77 — I can’t tell. Shappy’s handwriting really is rather `unique’. I wish I knew a bit of graphology.
Anyway considering how I wasn’t even reading the question right until a coouple of days before it was due and only then started writing – I reckon I did pretty well. I was expecting it to be dismal. Despite the mark — there was a lot he had to say about what I couldda done to improve it. Sounded like a lot of the marks were below average.

Was rationing myself with ciggies this morn/mid-day. Went Okay – felt a little tense – but when concentrating on something didn’t notice. Am caught in this place at the moment where a lot of me wants to bite it and give up – but ain’t quite all the way there. Trying to justify waiting til mid-year hols to kick it … but I dunno …

Junqueira won motegi – good for him. Karma got Breck, and vasser-luck got Vasser. I wish Bob Moreno could get a ride. Just not the same without him — or paul page and parker johnstone. Was thinkin that (faniciful thinkin’, mind you) it would be great to have a buddy local who also dug it – and some set up so we could stream live commentary over the net when the races went to air here. Maybe would be hampered by not actually being at the track – and just having to watch it on telly (as I suspect jeremy shaw and dippy-Lee Diffy do) but I think that almost anyone coould do a better job at calling than them.

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