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There’s a peice on K5, here about the human computer interface, and specialisation withing society and science — all of which is inneresting and may come in handy for the next volley of essays.
Also, Just had a look at SuSE 8.0 — looks mighty tempting, but is $153 – still maybe worth going that bit extra for things like their multimedia apps. looked like some neat mixin’ stuff there.
Wonder if I could get an academic discount?

SuSE 8.0 rocks – much nicer instal than earlier versions. Recommended.
nolo – 01.05.02, 22:27

Yeah – i have 7.0 and ran that for a while. All the `pay’ programs that come with it are a real bonus. Will have another look at their updates system/updates support situation and have a thinks.
yak – 02.05.02, 18:21

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