ah disappointment…

how it can jump out at me.
It’s all expectations you realise.
Last week I was at a newsagents and I saw this Linux magazine, which in itself is nothing special. I’ve seen it before – is English but don’t remember the name of it — it costs around 20 bucks so I’ve never bought it. But last week I saw two issues stickytaped together for the normal price, and it had Smoothwall on one of the CDs. But I didn’t have enough smash on me at the time. I really wanted it too. Wanted the gratification of purchasing something.
Then excersised delayed-gratification on the weekend because saw a different copy of the mag (but also a double CD) over the other side of the bay – while there with Gene, looking after her sisters.
I thought, no I’ll wait — and on Monday I’ll go to Smellmont and get that one I saw. And I was looking forward to it all day, even withh that littlw voice in back-of-head saying `perhaps it won’t be there’. I sez `Pipe down you!’.
But it wasn’t. It probably wasn’t even bought by anyone – just the next issue came out and the old one went back. The new one had KDE3beta on the CD but I’m not interested in getting that that way.

Then once that happened (and i allowed myself to get disappointed) everything else seemed crappy too. I got a 2nd hand coppy of a This Digital Ocean cd – but the case was broken and the store guy still didn’t cut the price of it.
I could go on whinging but there’s not much point to it.

CART Racing in Montegi, Japan tonight. Think I’m gonna tape it though – staying up late for the last one zombified me for the next day.

Got back here late-ish last night qnd started up Jugger and it looked kindof strange. I thought it must’ve just been that I was away for a couple of days. Then Started Opera and did a little browsing – and all the fonts were barby and aliased — and I thought that I must’ve d/loaded the newer version of it the other day before leaving but this was the first time I was seeing it running — becasue the decor was grey instead of creamy (blends with the rest of the theme) … then I get to visiting whirlpool, and go to reply to one of the threads and realise that the ‘S’ key isn’t working.

Now a Woodnose user might suspect they’d caught a virus … buut the other week a similar thing happened but it was the ‘T’ key instead. I think it’s got something to do with the X-window system messing up and not loading properly – only takes a restart of X and it’s okay.
But I got enormous laughs when I realised I was gonna have to write this post without an S. That kind of thing tickles my funnybone bigtime.

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