Do gaol-birds really make liscense plates?

I amm a little skeptical about this … it it were true wouldn’t they only make ones like: IKILLU, CANNED, SLAMER, IN4LIFE, INOCNT,

“The Electrician”, hereforth referred to as anto finally made it here yesterday evening…
Was really good to see him, we stilll have a lot in common. This can’t always be garunteed when not seeing a bud ffor three years. He’s always got a lot off funny stories. Might be moving back this way at the end of the year. Spurred me to pull out the guitar lst night and have a little strum. Haven’t done that for a while. my fingers have gone all soft and uncallussed and it was painful ….woooe. Acoustic guitar never really got my blood pumpin’.

Got my communication stud.s assignment back – HD. Pretty sweet. Also happened by a pawn (yes, not the other kind) shop in Belmont (a.k.a Smellmont) the other day and picked up Soma’s first CD, self-titled, which is pretty cool – from 1993. One track on there is qite memorable.

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