At this juncture …

I probably shoud apologise for the all too gruesome detail about me and my nose, and say that it was the Strepsils talkin’, but I’m not going to. Being human is a messy business.

Re: tv turn off week: I probably shouldn’t be pushing that barrow…
We actually got it mixed up here, and started last tuesday. All was going well til saturday night when the reality of our empty shallow post-modern and fragmented lives hit us.
My excuse is that I was hed-fuced and I couldn’t focus on a book page due to constant allergy attack.
So, we didn’t make it through a week without box.
I think the main thing I get from it is laughs. Fuunny little things that pop back into head the next day.


Yak was expecting a buddy to get here this evening, but it seems he didn’t make it out of Adelaide (alive … just kidding!). This friend shall here forth be referred to as ‘The Electrician’. Anyway, he’s on 5 weeks hols, and is heading this way on the way to up the east coast. I aint seen The Electrician for a couple of years, and in combination we’re too blokey to have much of a convo on the phone. Known him for ages, since the lefty days.

For these brief few next days I’m gonna appreciate not having the pressure-swords of essays-due hanging over my head.
Am slowly starting work on getting some stories etc back on the net.

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