So How’s it goin’? school/Juggernaut

Apart from the pressure of the continual assignments, it’s good to be having so many ideas and stuff being put in front of me. There’s interesting stuff happening in all four subjects.
Looking at advertising and the connotations and symbolism in it in communication studies — that’s very much up my ally, remends me alot of when I was doing myth+symbol, and writing for telly/screenwriting. Apparently the next assignment in onn that kind of stuff, so once I learn the spcific technical terms that they apply to this stuff, it’ll be fine.

Am kind of frustrated with comms (and psychology — both the 1st year subjects) because we’re not given any opporunity for class discussion on the stuff, and I feel like I’m not really getting to know the other people in the class – and I’d like to. i’m curious I s’pose.

That’s the good thing about the other two 9the 2nd year ones – Social Theory and IR/T.E.O.T.W.A.K.I? – Lot’s of dissco – particularly in IR – the other kids are actually intelligent and have opinions. Actually the difference is quite stark. I dunno what it is about Social Theory (I do know that (for some reason) it’s a requirement that people wanting to do primary school teaching have to do it) but there’s a lot of dead-heads in the class. We’re given plenty of chances to speak up but it’s like 75% of the class are mutes. Or they remind me a lot of the 1st year students – they seem to be able to read the material, but have no opinion on it, or can’t relate it to life, or if they do have an opinion then it’s way off.

We’re doing tradition in science at the moment, veddy inderestink … science is like the new religion to a lot of people. That much is evident on Whirlpool. I have very definite opinions on it – all anti-cappo and Nexus-based, and I don’t think that it’s blocking me from seeing the topic in a more objective way…. I hope it’s not.

It seems that my ibm hard disk doesn’t like work in the morning. it worries me a tad. When I boot, and self-test starts, hard disk initialises and it goes `click – click – click -click’ it rolls over to `operating system not found’ and I have to alt-ctrl-del and on the second go it finds Lilo and boots proper, but once or twice it’s taken like 5 goes. i dunno … I’mm scared to actually open the thing up, I fear it most proably will not be something that I can do anything about – i don’t see how a wire getting in the way could cause that sort of thing.
A wishlist is starting to develop in my head:-
– a digital camera,, about $300
– a set of speakers, also about $300
– a network card (apparently Blooey the iMac already has one inside it, so if I had one, then with a bit of tinkering) both machines could be on the net at the same time)
– a little (4 or 6 gig) hard drive to put woodnose on
– a copy of FreeBSD 4.5 (I keep asking PCWORLD to put it on one of their cover disks, but they don’t seem to give a lot of space to Linux even these days, let alone featuring another OS) (Also, I don’t know how much time I’d have to really muck around with it at the moment)
– Red Hat 7.3 SkipJack – i’m just waitng for this to hit the newsagents. I’ve got bugger-all of the 7.2 updates on here, and frankly it’d be a pain in the arse to have to deal with it all. Apparently it has evolution without having to have `the most dreaded’- Ximian.
– a USB scanner. Ambivelent about this, wish I had the time and brain pwer to get SANE backends sorted so I could use my old prarlell scanner. It really sucks, there’s alot of stuff I wanna scan. Ah well – the old 200Mhz box of Gene’s is still here, I’ll give the neighbours another week to come and pick it up, after that I’m requistioning it, so that I can have something running woodnose95 so that I can use the scanner, and do these dumb-woodnose-based psychology things.

I surprise myself that I’ve not wanted to muck around with Blooey the iMac hardly at all. i don’t exactly know why,, but I’m pretty happy with this set up right here – and this OS – and using KDE, while the most woodnose-ish, is very functional.

Having a frightful amount of hassle with Grip – and ripping my CDs – it’s like all there needs to be is one little mark on one and it won’t bloody rip and the little Grip-face cracks the sads at me, or is stickin its toungue out at me. Will have to look into this.

Am happy and respectful that Mozilla is finally reaching 1.0 — and I’ve been using .99 a bit and it’s fairly good. For some reason, fonts still look better in Opera. I like both of them, and Konqueror too, but Opera always just seems to have its nose out in front. The moouse gestures keep it in front of konqi, and its smooth look beats moz.

Okay, I better go hit the green tea and lemon.

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