archaic : as in pointing the bone – where a witch-doctor’s authority and mystery gave them power of influence over more ignorant members of the community.

For me, Bone still happens but the doctor is in my head. If I believe something willl happen then it probably willl, even if I consciously deny it, the unconscious still has power.
eg. At deakin, it bugs me howw few self-opening doors there are — I have to touch so many door handles, and I got thinking, `this is way germy’ (plus also, the cleaners clean the desks with some kind of harsh chemicals which slightly irritates the skin, and makes my eyes itchy, so I itch my eyes, and whalla :: if there’s anything to be got, then I have a good chance of getting it)

The upshot of all this is that I have a snot-nose-head-cold.

Damn Bone. Takes some pretty hardcore rewiring to change that kind of belief system.

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