sunday yay yay

Well I got my internaional relations: the end of the world as we know it? assignment done. It’s a bit rough, but it’ll have to do. Will stick it up here in a couple of days.
Beetroot is so weird
It’s been ages since i had it not out of the can – I can’t remember if it’s really supposed to be that vinegarry like canned.
It turned out htat wasn’t dead arm I had, it was a breif case of mouse n’ keyboard shoulder, aka R.S.I. — which isn’t a good thing at all. So had to lay-off a bit yesterday. Thankfully when I woke this morning it was gone. I’ve changed chairs but I don’t see what the hell difference that’s gonna make.

So it turns out that both Abiwword and Kword have deficiencies – like not being able to footnote… Abiword did some wacky shit on me the other day. So, I’ll probably be using Star-office from now on, but the font set up is shocken – no anti-aliasing and no TTFs — will have to look into possible solutions.

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