top of the pops

Google has been crawling by again recently, which is a good thing. The two references I like to check are `spouting’ (obviously) and `yak sox’. So it’s a good thing because the only link to the spouting thang was to one of the very early test-entries, me saying, `how does this llok?’ and on top of that – it’s in the archives and I hadn’t got the rest of the decor lookin’ nice.
So, the tapping in of `yak sox’ will now lead directly to the front page, however, we’ve only managed 16th or 18 in the `spouting’ charts… so, there’s something to aim for.

The TEOTWAWKI? assignment ain’t quite finished. I stopped for dinner last night, and then it started a-lightninin’ and a-thunderin’ so I had to shut down, — for a while then turned it back on, but got sucked into wasting tome online …. and as a consequence, felt like I’d burnt out my frontal lobes when I woke this morn. Too much time in front of the CRT… and maybe too much cups-of-tea.
Ah well.

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