cheeky parrots/stickin it to The Man

Was able to get an extention for the International Relations assignment yesterday. Was s’pose to be in today – now Monday. Which is good. He was handing extensions out left right and centre.
And I been hard at it today – for the last few days in fact. This is why I’ve not been able to have fun here – or if I’ve felt I had a couple of minutes for here — then I got nothing to say anyway – ’cause all I been doing is studying.

I decided to get out the videos of Manufacturing Consent from the library – and watched it last night. Have seen it before – but was an excellent shot in the arm of non-conformist thought. And pulled out me Chompers books too as a result, and realised that half of this horse-shit their feeding me in the “””Recommended Reading“”” list for this assignment is wrong, or it glosses over the most important stuff!
So I’ve been able to add a bit of high-grade dissent, via the great Noam Chomsky, to the assignment and am feeling better.

This mmorning was just sitting on the back step havin a cig and a gang of King Parrots swooped through and sat on the gutter above me, looking down and generally just being weird/funny looking and “being cute” – they’re like kids who do bad stuff but never get told off cause thy’re “just too damn cute” …. ah… but they are funny things – because they are ‘the beautiful people’ of the bird world they don’t know stress — they’d never get shoo-ed or chased or yelled at, and some residents ’round here must feed em so they come up really close. Where I was sitting, one was perched on the rail about a foot away from me, just lookin at me, and me at him……. I always seem to call birds boys… I dunno.

So it was a lovely morning in that regard. Am lucky to live here.
Here’s the google page with pictures of king parrots on.

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