Frasier’s back!

The first intelligent thing channel nine’s done in ages.

The beeping from next door has stopped. It was a smoke alarm that `went haywire’. I don’t like smoke alarms – surely there was another way to make such a device without having radioactive stuff in it.
Got the communications assignment handed in today — will put it up here soon. Now the International Relations one.

I’ve decided my psychology tutorial teacher looks like the guy/kid on that Rage Against The Machine album cover – he’s wearing a cape and it says `e’ on the front of his shirt.

Have figured out a way to get my .OGGs and Mp3s organised. Wish I had a cd burner right now.

Am just realising that I have heard Boards of Canada before — they used to play this song, Aquarius on a monday morning radio program on PBS — it says Orange! in the song. Cool!
Still really like the `Everything you do is a balloon’ song — yak’s no.1 recommended d/load of the moment! …. And of course if you like it as much as me, then like me, you’ll find a way to actually purchase the e.p. ….. even if it is extremely obscure and would cost 150-200% of a normal cd, because it’s only available on import… Oh … whinging again…. Well, I’ll at least buy one of their albums that’s easier to get.

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