Another Sanity Test

Most of the houses around here are holiday homes, this makes for a pretty quiet neighbourhood, however the downside is that something is not the way it should be – and the owners aren’t there then there’s little that can be done –
Bah – that’s not a very direct way of saying – the people who own the hose next door – were here last weekend and now there is ssomething beeping inside their house! it’s kind of like a smoke alarm but not as loud, but I can still hear it everytime I go out into the back yard. And the more I’m conscious of it the more I notice it. Thankfully here – in my room the wirr of the power supply fan seems to drowned it out – because this room is right at that end of the house that’s closest.
It’s all a matter of perspective. Indeed – evil people could condition me to become calm at the sound of beeping things.
I told Gene about it and she got pissed off straight away – It took me about three days. So (her suggestion) we went over there and turned their fuse box switches on and off a few times but no dice. It must be battery operated, which means that one day – it will die. Maybe even before November, which is my guess as to when the negligent owners would be here again. This kind of thing causes resentment. The trappings of modern society.
When I lived in the Metropolis – reverse beepers would drive me nuts, car alarms, house alarms, shop alarms – people revving car engines for 15 mins for no dicernable reason …. Wow – as the Jesus ans Mary Chain say – `it’s a sick sick city but it’s never gonna drive me insane’
So … batteries — I reckons some kind of hand held EM Pulse weapon would do the trick. Let ya know when I get one.

Happened upon some new interesting music. Funnily enough – through – they had a bit about a guy who puts more planning into his acid trips than interstate travel — which kind of sounded familiar….
But it says `yeah he stocked up his multi disc cd player with aphex twin and boards of canada‘ .. so I thinks – well – I dunno that aphex twin is really what I’d call trippy, but anyway – checking out b.o.c on the GTK-Gnutella and I got one song that’s real nice called Everything You Do Is A Balloon – real glidey. The other ones I grabbed so far haven’t been wquuite as impressive.

Comms assignment is 80% done – so i wonder if I just handed it in as is if I’d get 80%……..?????

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