Rebuilding the palace

Perhaps that metaphor is a bit grand. But getting things back the way they were was my excuse for not doing any homework yesterday.
Mostly it hasn’t taken as long as I thought. Just d/loading Mozilla and Opera, and a new version of Eterm (which I couldn’t get to go).
It’s the same as the countless reinstalls on the laptop last year – everything’s being reinstalled from the same disks but each time something comes up a little different. Just little forks in the road along the way.
Like this time I had the memory to put Kde as the default DTE – and this means that I get the Kde login manager as opposed to the Gnome one. Which is good because one of the pesky probs I was having with it all last time was that about every 5th time I’d boot up the system fonts would be messed up and extremely small like ___ – and with Gnome login I’d have to reboot again – Kde has a switch to just clickthe restart X which is way quicker.
For some reason Konqueror was going flakey on me last night – this was at the end of a full day’s use, but that shouldn’t make a difference, and I’d just open it and the scroll bar would flip-out flickering like crazy and basically freeze. (Something different -I installed Gkrellm, and it was showing the CPU go through the roof when that happened.) So far it hasn’t happened this morning, you wouldn’t think it was because of something I installed – that would cause it… Hpoe it doesn’t happen again because my natural inclination would be to d/lo

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