The Year Zero

I have a pathalogical condition I tells ya! Spare time for me is definitely a bad thing. I accidentally wiped my /home directory and now all my stuff is gone. :^(
For two days I stuffed around with SuSE, wanting to stick it on a spare bit of the hard drive, and discovered that I could do so without messing up the established LILO by just using a boot floppy to boot the secondary os. This seems pretty simple – i don’t know why i didn’t thing of it before.
But alas – I just could get SuSE to look right – messed with the xf86 config for a long time – but it’s just too old to recognise my graphics card.

So, I thought, why not have a muck around with mandrake 8 again. And I did, and did the boot floppy thing again – and all was well — I thought.
I’d had a defunct version of mandrake on hda5 for quite a while – it was what i used to bridge and transfer all my stuff from one RH install to a new one, and I had kept the mandrake/hda5 partition and it was mounting into the home directory.
And this is different to the SuSE mucking round – for that I’d created a new partition – hda10.
So i decide to use the old hda5 to do the new instal of mandrake on to – not thinking that it would be detrimental to the rest of /home.

Ug…. what an expensive mistake to make. All that crap I’d accumulated, all those hours of d/loads. All those settings of things that’ve taken for ever to get just right …. and all those bookmarks.
Probably the worst thing is that because there’s been hassles with the new tpg web space – I hadn’t got the stories or the holiday journal thing or any of theat stuff into a webspace — so now it’s all gone. No, no back ups.

Well, live and learn.

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