Ideas in dreams + other stuff

Had a dream this morning – and generally I consider it mostly useless to retell dreams, but sometimes they can be so out-there that it’s hard not too.
This was a situation where I can really relater to Homer Simpson in that episode where he really needs money and has a little dream where he’s invented something that would be really useful, and everyone in the world would want one – but he doesn’t get to see it.
Any way – so someone was showing me this book, saying to me that I should include some bits of it in some magazine (or something) that I was producing — so I just started having a quick look through this book.
It was largish – like a picture book, glossy pages with mostly pictures — The Whole Concept reminded me of these stoopid “Blue Day Books” that are selling bigtime at the moment.
But this thing I was looking at was more like a piss-take on that concept.
The reall bummer is that I can only remember two pages of what i saw – about six. All of them looked good – at least in the drem world. It’s funny how a joke or something can come in a dream – and it will seem like the funniest thing in the whole world – in that world at least .. but be dead out here.
So – one was the line, down the bottom of the page in largeish writing, like a kids book, “Sometimes much social frigging is neccesary” and there was this picture of two teenage girls sitting, both looking at something, and looking bored – head resting in arm. (One of them might’ve been a boy, I dunno) – and maybe I’m making this bit up – but they were wearing `nice’ clothes like hand-knitted jumpers – the viewer can’t actually see what they’re looking at, but I got the feeling they were sitting with their grandma, listening. The image of the two of them looked like a photot – but the background was kinda like water colour, or oil on glass – a light orange like sunset.
the writing really struck me as sharp – what a great line!

The other one was – same kind of format, “Fairies are real but children are not” – and a picture of (stereotypical) fairy – a little girl – I think it was actually a kid dressed up as a fairy with fake wings and little wooden stick with star glued on – and she has her hand over her mouth as in Shock or Surprise – `Oh My!’ type thing.

Anyway – if i was a more enterprising individual I might brainstorm this kind of thing and try and turn it into a real book. lordy-knows it’s the only way to actually make money out of the publishing industry these days. Also – if i had some money I could go see a hypnotherapist and retrieve the other 4 pages of the book that I saw.

As for the other stuff, well, you will’ve noticed the `Recommended Reading’ list – The Unabomber manifesto – I actually can’t say I’ve read all of it – I really should d/load it and read it that way – but I have to say that he’s got a number of good points about technology in society and `the Left’.

The other – the ancient arrow project thing – reads like a techno-thriller type novel, and is really good reading – “gripping” as they say – but I s’pose it really helps if you’ve had time to take in the other stuff at the website for a while before hand – the interviews with the guy. They were printed in Nexus over a year and a half or so – that’s how I found out aboout it all.
I just wish there was a way I could get to read the rest of the book thing with out havin’ to pay for it!

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