iMac test-toast: the good bit

Now, if it was me who’d just got a new iMac home, I probably wouldda been pullin’ that packaging apart post-haste, leaving aside things like reading the paper, making phone calls ….. but it wasn’t me.
I’d decided the best thing to do was to let Gene do all the setting up 1. it actually belongs to her 2. I wanted to see just how idiot-proof the procedure was (perhaps that’s being a bit harsh) since I’d heard that apple have that side of it down to a fine art.

And indeed they do – the `instructions’ are less technical than the brochures that apple put in newspapers. It was a glossy fold out of 5 diagrams – no writing at all.
Turn it one, and just the few details of name, etc. and it’s set.
What impressed me:
How quiet the thing is; no fan makes a big diff, although the back of it did feel kinda warm.
iTunes – looks really nice – very simple and clear. mainly, because currently, with Linux and KDE, I’m having a real hell of a time deciding how the best way to set up my music files so they are shareable with the world and easy to pull up with XMMS — even when i just play a cd with XMMS it plays the songs in the wrong bloody order. The order is important – it’s how the artist wanted it, chronology is a part of the overall experience of an album. And I still can’t figure out how to get grip to rip in MP3 format. Also I mention the other day how GTK-Gnutella an’t so user-friendly.
iTunes has a whole bunch of preset radio stations that stream – and all kinds of genres – it’s just a click on the one you want while online and it hooks up. Compare that to Linux – the closest thing that I’ve found so far is RealPlayer, which isn’t very useful.
The machine seems to make good use of its graphics card. I’m sure that mine’s just as good as that one, but i’ve not seen anything as half impressive on Juggernaut as on that. There was one game on it which looked okay. But it was attempting to change the kernel around so that I could play TuxRacer on here that got me in catastrophy last time.
I don’t know if `impress’ is overdoing it, but I was surprised that the wordprcessor, appleworks, could save into .doc format.

What didn’t impress me:
The mouse. Crikey! Apple supposedly invented the mouse way back when – the iMacs mouse is a good example of where function was unduly sacrificed for asthetics. The IR on it really didn’t seem to work all that well either.
No apps. I suppose I’m spoilt with Linux in that way, but there really was *just* the basics there. Maybe most things can be done with them – like HTML could be prepared with the word-processor, but after mucking around with it for half an hour I came to the point of `what do I do now’ — it’s definitely not the machine for someone who uses tinkering as a good excuse for procrastination. But seriously – what about BBEdit?? I thought that at least that’d be on there – do all those things have to be bought? Seems like an aweful exxy exercise. I might be wrong; there’s some sort of `get software from apple’ over the net option in there, but haven’t checked it out yet.

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