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I could’ve been really daggy and started this off with, ‘Captain’s log….“.
What’ve i found interesting on the machine lately?
Well, am quite happy with Kate (my guess is KDE Advanced text editor) slightly different from the advanced editor – this has a side bar — whereas sidebars usully just annoy me – this one seems fairly useful.
On the ”Top 5 Most used” apps: (this doesn’t take into account the apps that are on the panel – which get used more)
Maelstrom; the little asteroid game which i find quite hard to resist, especially when I’ve sat down to do homework.
GQView ….. (koff)
Mozilla – I use Opera for all the fun web hopping, but use Moz for school, hooking into the uni website etc.
Gftp – I know Konqueror can be used as an ftp client, but i just haven’t got around too figuring it out. (What’s really weird is that the version of gftp that comes with the clean install seems better/more fobust than the version I was using before I had to wipe it all last time – presumably this would’ve been a newer version that I got from the RH Update)
Quanta+ – which I’m still not happy with … version 2 – still a bit shakey.

I was using Sylpheed as my email client up until the other day – when I blamed it for not getting my mail from the uni account – which i really needed. It wasn’t too bad, but I s’pose not really that much of a step up from Kmail.
Am using the Mozilla mail client at the momo – seems okay – will give it alittle longer before i pass judgey.
(Would really like to have Evolution – but of course that would mean the whole re-curring nightmare named Ximian.)

Had to pull out one of the word processing progs last night to start an essay. Went for star office (5.2) and it’s okay – but for the fact that it’s not employing TTFs or anti-aliasing, so it’s all jagged n’ pointy. It’s defaulting to US spelling, but I’m sure that can be rectified.
I might try abi-word tonight. (Couldn’t find the S.O. word count function either, so had to open Abi to find out where I was up to)
Everything’s so far being printed out here – so it doesn’t matter if they’re not in .doc format.

Speaking of printing – this is the real happy story for the day — I requistioned my printer back off gene the other day, since she’s -presumably- getting an iMac soon… (that’s another story … man) and thought it’d be a rigourous procedure of getting the Cannon 210sp working on here, if it’d work at all But it was just plug in, + use GUI printer configuration = and i was printing from star office a minute later. Sveet!

This website’s another another story – but have a week’s “break” next week so may get a chance to fix some shit up.

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