coneheads and kamakazes

this morning’s psychology lecture started to get weird and interesting when the guy startted talking about how some sperms are only there the do search and destroy missions of foriegn sperms I hadn’t heard about that one before. And the only reason why they would’ve evolved that way is because (biologically speaking) it’s in the interests of the species (we’re talking about people here, people!) that the woman sleep around/shop around for the hardiest sperm — having sex with two different partners in the one week.
And of course, one of those partners is going to be the relied upon caregiver, and the other: the interloper or adulterer, if you will.

So, Watchout fellas – she might not want to screw you over, but it’s in her genes.
Where it all started to get a bit rich for me was when he says that there might be a specific adulterer gene that’s responsible for this — or at least makes people more receptive to the idea.

To explain the heading – he called the swimmers coneheads. And also, apart from the ‘seek n’ destroy’ variety, there are also other ones that just get in the way and slow foreigners down. Reminds me of a football team.
Today’s the type of day where a meditate would’ve really done me good.
Last night was really warm – very hard to get to sleep. Makin typos all over the joint here.
Sure am gonna sleep well tonight.

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