That was a close one.
You might’ve seen more evidence of stuffing around with web counters here.
For some reason cgi seems to screw the whole thing up – i can’t login to write new entries.
Anyway – I got rid of the offending cgi and perhaps it has to go midnight again on the DR servers before it cleans up entirely – but what ever the case – it’s workin again now.
I did have a look around hotscripts.com again for what’s happening in the news/portal site script scene.
Anyway – pivot is still working so I’m happy.
We ran out of milk this morning — it’s a pretty damn long walk to the shops — well ‘run out’ isn’t completely accruate – there wasn’t enough to go over all of my musili – so I (shudder) had to have a little milk and some water.
Which actually worked out pretty okay becasue laely I’ve been feeling like regular milk is a little too thick to stomach, especially at twenty-five past seven in the morn. also I generally have to eat it quickly, — and reduced-fat milk costs annother buck more than normal milk — wo whaalla – crisitunity etc. — normal milk + water =thin milk. sweet.

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