anybody got a sapre brain?

I feel like i need a new one.
A weird day day today. Had social theory lecture – no problem. The chioces after are – catch bus into Geelong, wait for bus home = roughly 5 hours btween lecture finishing and me walkinng in front door on house.
Or – mosey on out over the plains from uni to the road back here to anglesea – and hitch the anglesea road.
I’ve been taking the latter option these last couple of weeks — particularly on tuesday – just cause of the lecture time – i just miss a bus – thus the long wait.
And up until today – have been pretty lucky with scoring lifts quickly but today waited around about 40 mins – and it was a sunny day – and so the sun had my brain on slow-bake

And I get back here, fre\lling a little freaked about all this reading I got mounting up – and i sits down – and just can’t concentrate – couldn’t take anything in.
So I thought – i’ll have a little nap – half hour or 45 mins would do the trick – because i thought it was coz i slept lightly and briefly last night.
I woke up and hour and a half later feeling like i just closed my eyes — infact i think the phone rang and i didn’t even hear it.
Weird – i don’t sleep like that even at night. when i woke i looked at the clock and was dead-sure that it somehow had jumped an hour forward – like i’d knocked it this morning or something.

ah well.

Just who the hell make these decisions of how much learning is standard – for a normal person to do in a semester or year — how come 4 subjects is full time. why not two???
I feel like i’m gonna get to the end of this semester and not really taken in much at all — i”ve got all these resources — and compared to the way that I’d go about things – I’m not really gonna get to appreciate what I’m studying or question it prroperly or look at it objectively….

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