So who am I writing this for?

It’d be self-indulgent and wrong for me to say just me.
I’ve been there before – there’s no performance or production that’s made completely for the vacuum.

Today I’m thinking it’s for all the people who don’t know me face to face.
This is with the exception of Gene – who I know knows about this – but I don’t know if she checks it. This is where a damn counter would come in handy.
Anyway – she’s an exception – and it’s okay – and I’ll still write about things like chicks – as in the previous post.
But thankfully the name yak sox isn’t known out here in the clark kent life of this humble studyin’-type-guy. And this is a good thing because I feel like I’m gonna start commenting on my fellow students and teachers etc.

Ah geeez, maybe not today though.


Am still humming and harring about the idea of putting the front page into frames – so that I can get a counter on. Got a little way into it the other day – using Quanta+ – and then left the room to have dinner — and came back and the thing had folded up and left without a trace – and I hadn’t save it.
Frames just don’t look good. Think I’m gonna have a go at asking the folks at Pivot-log what’d be the easiest way to get a counter on here.
Of course CGI would seem the easiest – but for some reason I can’t get it to work here.

Damn I’ve got a lot of reading to do. as i write right now – i should be doing it.

Oh man.

Writing is one of the best things you can do. Writing your experiences of the day, etc., is good, because it gets your frustrations, or the things that made you happy out on paper (or in binary ;). This is a well-known therapeutic process known as diary-keeping 🙂
phony – 25.03.02, 21:15

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